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Community in Bible Study



A place where people come together for a common goal.

A place where there is safety.

A place that provides nourishment, strength, and accountability.

We find community in many places-  in our locales, in our social gatherings, in our organizations.   We come together sharing like interests and goals.  We protect one another from enemies of the community. We grow and help others to grow in our communities.

Do you have community in your Bible Study?   Is it a place that your goal is to come closer to God, to know Him, to find direction and his will for life?  Are you allowed to be vulnerable in your study?  To share your feelings and thoughts without fear.   Are there others in your study that love and honor you, that correct you when you need it, that encourage you?

A Bible Study community is a place where you fall in love — with Jesus and with people.  Jesus awaits.  He wants to work with you and through you.  Members of the community should be loving, kind, gentle, patient, good, joyful, peaceful, faithful, and self-controlled with their ways and thoughts.  Members of the community should be willing to be open enough to trust that God has placed you in this specific community.

A Bible Study community is a treasure.  One that should be sought after and cherished.

Be devoted to one another in love.   Honor one another above yourselves.           (Romans 12:10)