One Word 2014


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My one word this year is HOPE.

This will be the word that I focus on this year to guide me and change me in lieu of resolutions.

I began praying about which word I should choose a few weeks ago and this word hope kept showing up in many ways.  Hope is a difficult word to define and I really thought this wasn’t the word for me.   Rather, I wanted a word like  strength or faith or trust.   *sigh*

Giving it more time, I prayed more specifically asking God to give me a word for this year–thinking surely I was wrong and there was another word for me —  but HOPE continually seeks me out –  in my devotional time; in the songs I sing; in the books I read; in the messages I hear; and in other ways.  I can’t ignore it anymore.  So HOPE it is.

Isn’t this just like me though? I ask God for direction — and when he directs me and I either miss the signs or I think to myself that couldn’t possibly be what God is wanting for me.  Usually because I have some other plan in mind.   Not so many years ago, I would have plowed ahead with my own way not even realizing that I disregarded God’s guidance for me.  But especially with my continued prayer this year, it feels like God is smacking me  upside the head with the board of HOPE and, by golly, I better heed it!

I plan to do a Bible verse study on the word hope. I have already started gathering verses and  I am amazed.  Hopefully I will blog what I learn about hope and how I let hope direct &  influence me throughout 2014.

For more information and resources about the One Word concept look at these websites:



What about you? Do you have one word for 2014?

I’d love to have you leave a comment and share your word with me! 

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  1. Hi Mary, I was introduced to this idea for the first time by a YouVersion Bible app devotional in January. My mind bounced around onto different words but eventually I settled on one. Hope was actually one of my possibilities, but I decided my one word is “focus.”

    • Focus is a great word. It took me awhile to settle on Hope but it kept showing up everywhere I looked and read. This is the 2nd year I have “focused” to use your word) on one word. Last year my word was Surrendered. May you get a lot out of the one word experience.

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